TILT | Design & Branding

Our Slant: Art For Business

Visual communication exists to connect people with brands. But savvy consumers can see right through meaningless fluff and shallow eye candy. So design has to shed the black turtleneck and bust some serious ass.

TILT was built to drive commerce through creativity - but we're not artists. We're problem assassins at the intersection of what you know you want and what you don't know you need. Deeply experienced graphic designers, web developers and strategists who believe better ideas and unique consumer insights will always trump the most "absolutely perfect" shade of magenta.

A bad pun isn't an idea. Nor is a silly, seen-it-a-million-times stock photo metaphor. It's the strategy behind a spot-on corporate logo. It's meticulous attention to the user experience when building an elegant, functional website. It's the content, both visual and verbal, of a retail display that works with an advertising, direct mail and social media campaign to drive prospects to a fun, engaging microsite.

Our Slant: Meet The Team

  • Lonnie Carnaggio
  • Scott Hodgin
  • Tammy Boudreaux
  • Christina Chang
  • James Sypsa
  • Andy Thompson